No. 21

 SNL_No.21 (PDF) 30 March 2018


  • Contents
    1. 1st Global Sansai Gakurin Konwakai
    2.29th Global Environmental Forum “Scent of fermentation and taste of fungi”
    3.Educational and Research Collaboration Seminar between Kyoto University and Mahidol University
    4.2nd Global Sansai Gakurin Konwakai
    5. International Conference on Urban Disaster Resilience held in Yangon
    6.Phoebe Grace J. Saculsan Receives “Best Presentation” Prize at 4th International Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy
    7.One-day Seminar on “Post-disaster Housing: Resilience Perspective” held at ITB, Indonesia
    8.30th Global Environmental Forum “Livelihoods, Living Conditions, and Health in Vietnam ― 15 years’ research experience at GSGES, Kyoto University”
    9.GSGES Lauds Graduating Students
    10.Visitors to GSGES