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Notification of Travel Abroad Students who are planning to travel overseas must submit a “Notification of Travel Abroad Form” before departure to the GSGES administration office. Applications must be stamped to indicate approved by your faculty supervisor. Notification of Travel Abroad
Request for Reissuance of Student ID (1)Loss, Theft, or Damage
If your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, please apply for the replacement at the GSGES administration office. If the card has been lost or stolen, notify the police immediately and receive a report number for preventing misuse by a third party, Note that, there is a charge for replacing lost, stolen, or damaged cards, so make sure to purchase an “ID card reissue coupon” from the Kyoto University Co-op beforehand, and then affix the coupon to the Student ID reissue request, and submit to the GSGES administration office. Kyoto University Co-op members should contact the Co-op immediately to stop all e-money transactions.

(2)Magnetic Stripe Malfunction
The magnetic stripe can be re-imprinted in the Academic Affairs Department (free of charge). However, if the magnetic stripe has been damaged, the card must be replaced, for which a fee will be charged.

(3)Initial Malfunctions
If the IC chip is malfunctioning either at the time it’s received or during normal use, the card will be replaced without charge provided the malfunction is reported within two months of the day of issue.