Campus Life


Master’s student, Regional Planning

campus-life-img01There are two reasons why I decided to go on to the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES).

First, I wanted to be among people who have various backgrounds before heading out into the real world. GSGES is comprised of various fields such as agriculture, engineering, and politics and economics. I believe that exposing myself to individuals who have different viewpoints has greater value than simply focusing on my own study. I am convinced that this experience would help me a lot after I go out into society, especially in the case where I have to build up consensus and conduct projects with people who have different specialty and background.

Secondly, I wanted to engage in research on local agriculture and agricultural villages from the macro perspective. GSGES provides various courses on various fields, and we can take them in the first semester of the first year of the program. The program pushes independent study, so it enables students to think and identify the problems and find out the solutions on their own. We study every sort of environmental issues in the world from various aspects, and in August, we visit the field and undergo some “practice” of Environmental Management. From the second semester, we have an internship program which is one of the features of GSGES. I stayed in the Philippines for 3 months and conducted a practical research. For example, I conducted a hearing survey in an agricultural village located in the mountains where they practice a type of agriculture that conserves the environment. There, I saw the village facing the environmental issues such as climate change and deforestation. I appreciated the opportunity which GSGES provided for us because it enabled us to visit such a local field, while maintaining a global perspective in the program.

One year has passed since I enrolled GSGES, and I am satisfied with these courses and the internship program. In these beneficial circumstances, my curiosity about every field has been fully cultivated, and as I have got to know “other related fields”, I have come to see what “my expertise” is. I would recommend all students who are planning to move on to higher education to cherish their curiosity and their own interest. I believe that the educational programs of GSGES would function effectively on you after considering it.


Doctoral student, Environmental System Biology

campus-life-img02Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES) provides a large range for study, from global level to the cellular level. In GSGES, there is an international environment of study, which increases English skills via many English courses, communications, group discussions with fellow international students and other soft skills, which enables well being. Besides the various courses and lectures available, you have many opportunities to attend conferences, symposiums, or workshops in foreign countries. You can obtain more than a Master’s degree at GSGES completing cooperated educational programs such as CoHHO.

One special thing that makes GSGES special and differ from other programs is that, GSGES provides an internship program. There are two types of Internship program: long term, and short-term internship. After several months spending on internship time, students come back to the university and continue their study and research. You will gain many experiences during your internship time and your research there. From October to December 2013 in my master course, I have had the chance to take my internship at National Institute for Physiological Sciences, one very prestigious institute of research in Japan. We focused on one specific ion channel, which plays an important role in the Heart. Over there I have learnt how to culture cells, how to find out the ways for treating the heart by using some drugs, which can inhibit the activation of that ion channel. During the time I spend on my internship, I also had many good experiences there. It was the most wonderful time of my life.

All the experiences, studies, and research time in GSGES driven me to the Doctor course after completion of my master course and continue my researching deeper. The time I study and research at GSGES is fulfill with friendship, enjoying… Thanks to GSGES, advices from Professors, GSGES’s staffs, classmates, and Lab-mates.