Voices from Students

Introductory Video of GSGES

International students talk about their study in the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES).


Serika Yuto
Master’s Program, Environmental Marketing Management

The Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies is a truly unique school.

Courses in the theoretical foundations of global environmental studies cover fundamental knowledge relating to the environment from all disciplinary angles, including humanities and social sciences, and natural sciences, agriculture, and engineering. They also offer many opportunities for group work and presentations, helping us to master this knowledge in depth. Activities such as seminars and fieldwork offer access to a broad range of knowledge domains and enable interdisciplinary learning. The experience of interacting with students and faculty members from a variety of fi elds in a cosmopolitan environment is sure to prove useful in the future when I need to engage with people of diverse backgrounds in international society.

In addition to the diversity of classes, one of the attractions of the School’s curriculum is the long-term internship training program. Gaining experience in actual workplaces enables us to develop more practical capabilities in environmental management. I undertook a four-month internship in a recycled water project in Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture. I conducted research on consumer preferences in relation to the use of recycled water in agriculture, using questionnaires, interviews, and retail trials of produce grown using recycled water, as well as working pro-actively to cultivate proper understanding of recycled water. Interacting with and hearing the opinions of people in a variety of positions during this internship provided motivation for my own research. Furthermore, this training afforded me valuable experiences that I could never have gained through regular study, and has proven to be very fruitful. I was also blessed with many delightful encounters beyond my research activities, and spent an enormously fulfilling four months.

The one year that has passed since I entered the School of Global Environmental Studies has been an extremely productive time in my life, filled with varied classes, fieldwork, and internship training. I believe that the learning and other experiences in this School are sure to help you unlock your individual potential. Before setting out into wider society, please do consider spending some time in this wonderful environment—one which you will never find elsewhere.


Ricelli Laplace
Master’s student, Global Environmental Architecture

Different from others graduate schools, GSGES offers students the opportunity to go beyond their comfort zone and study field to engage in different activities from a large range of studies. I think it’s crucial for every researcher and professional to learn in an international and varied environment, where we can learn and share knowledge and culture of our own country and many others. At GSGES we have the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, with different viewpoints and culture, this way we all learn how to work together building a consensus to conduct projects in small and global scale. This experience made me grow professionally but also in the personal level, I think I became much more mature and my view of the world drastically changed.

Beyond that, one thing the school offers that is amazing is the internship program. This helps us to put in practice things we learned during classes and decreases the gap between theory and practical work. I spent 3 months in Indonesia for my internship, and there I had the opportunity to try a completely different culture and lifestyle, as well as do my research, fi eld surveys and make many friends and new connections. More than a working experience, this is an opportunity to grow as a person and establish relationships that can make a huge difference in your future.

The program at GSGES is quite free and pushes self study. It’s good for those who want to pursue their own research and try new things. During classes we always have the opportunity to show our own vision and try to solve problems by ourselves. I like the fact that I had a taste of many different fields of study and had the freedom to choose which ones I wanted to dig deeper. It’s a good place to study if you have a big curiosity about the world, about yourself and about environmental problems and solutions in different countries, but beyond that, is a good place to find out what difference each one of us can make.