Master’s Theses, 2004
(Course in Environmental Management)

List of Master's Theses, 2004 School Year
(Course in Environmental Management)

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No. Title
1 The Role of farmer leader in Participatory rural development Case Study of NGO in Thailand -
2 A projection of future CO2 emissions from the transportation sector of the world
3 Effects of a tributary on macroinvertebrates at the downstream of Yahagi-dam
4 Significance of the Guide at the Jyomonsugi-ceder Trail in Yakushima Island, Japan
5 Mapping and Comparative Analyses of Innovative Financial Mechanisms for Water and Sanitation Provision
6 An Evaluation of the Dual System as a Policy of Extended Producer Responsibility
7 Study on Corporate Philanthropy by Local Currency 
8 Modeling and Comprehensive Assessment of Large-scale Oil Production System for BOTRYOCOCCUS
9 Predicting the tree frog distribution for conservation planning in Japan
10 The Evaluation of Effectiveness at Green Master Plan - A perspective of conservation and enlargement of Green Space -
11 Designing Global warming prevention policy in Japan - Emission trading and environmental values -
12 Optimal Design of Evacuation Route Augmentation for Flood Hazard Mitigation
13 Study on Disaster Prevention Planning of Wooden Important Cultural Properties
14 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) National Institution for Sustainable Development - Lessons Learned from Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) -
15 Study on Policy Support System for Regional Recycling of Domestic Organic Wastes
16 Stabilization of GHG concentration, Burden sharing, CGE model
17 The Implementation Process of “Reflection of Local Opinions”: The Role of Local Government in River Policy
18 Comprehensive Evaluation of Restaurant equipped with Energy Saving Systems
19 People’s Response Activities for Environmental Degradations and Roles of Outsiders: A Case Study in the Mountainous Northern Thailand
20 The possibility of investigative environmental journalism toward construction of environmental media
21 Key Factors for Sustainable Community Development with Special Reference to Collective Housing Renewal in Senri New Town
22 Leaching Characteristics of Hexavalent Chromium from Cement Stabilized Soilunder Intermittent Wetting and Drying Process
23 The Marine Observational Study on the Seasonal and Annual Variability of the Biogeochemical Parameters at Station (51°N,165°E), (40°N,165°E)and (40°N,155°E) in the Western North Pacific
24 The Relationship between the ChangeableCommunity and Environment Pprotection 
25 Study of Environmental Valuation and Decision Making under Uncertainty Aver
26 Seek for Better Safe and Sustainable Drinking Water Supply - Improvement of Water Quality and Preservation of Water Resource -
27 Experimental Study on the Biochemical Conditions and Their Effects on the Heavy Metal Mobility in Incinerated Ash Layers at Coastal Landfill Site
28 Econometrical Analysis of the Relationship between Characteristics and Planted Shares of Rice Varieties
29 Prospect of Renewable Energy Policy for Local Governments