Master’s Theses, 2005
(Course in Environmental Management)

List of Master's Theses, 2005 School Year (Course in Environmental Management)

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No. Title
1 Satelite Earth Observation as 'Systematic Observation' in Multilateral Environmental Treaties
2 Promoting Environmentally Sustainable Transport through Public Participation and Sea -Lessons from Dutch Transportation Planning for Japan-
3 A Study on Food Problems in China
4 Corporate carbon risk management and Financial Performance
5 Study on the dwelling rearrangement for disabled persons toward independent living in the community
6 Study on policies to diffuse Bioethanol and Biodiesel in India
7 Charcoal production and land use change in Mbozi district, of south-western Tanzania
8 Sustainable Water Resources Management: Small Island Developing States as a Case
9 Development and application of a framework for assessing Environmental Management Accounting implementation - A case research at Shimadzu Corporation -
10 Necessity of Adopting Bioassay in Water Environment Management - a case study of the petrochemical industry's effluent -
11 A study on the meaning of ecotourism in the environmental preservation
12 The role of CYP1A1 in glycogen depletion of Dioxin-induced wasting syndrome and the development of CYP1A1-IRES-connected Inciferase method
13 The study on low carbon society in Shiga toward 2030
14 Hydro-meteorological Environment at Tonle Sap Lake and its Environs:As a Case Study of Lake Basins in the Tropical Humid Region
15 Risks induced by the land use of waste landfill site and its evaluation
16 Role of local energy entity in local energy project - Case study of energy agency in EU and Ohisama project in Japan-
17 Mutation Specificity with Incorporation of Oxidized dNTPs by DNA Polymeraseη
18 Realities of compensatory mitigation in U.S.A.
19 Sustainable Subsistence Farming Based on Nitrogen Flow: how should it be managed? - A Case Study at Kanchevo village, Bulgaria-
20 Analysis of a microbial biodiversity and community structure of the air associated microbes in the regenerative enclosed life support module simulator
21 Feasibility and Effective Evaluation of Household Wastewater Treatment System Based on Urine Separation in Lake Biwa watershed
22 What are the determinants of CSR?-Hints found in the corporate governance structure and a comparative analysis of CSR reports-
23 Research on disaster imagination game using the internet to promote the citizen's participation
24 Current state and problem of the environmental policy on livestock raising - Policy of giving priority to making compost in Awaji Island
25 Seeking a Sustainable Pathway to Development - A Case Study Analysis of Bhutan's Gross National Happiness
26 Migration of non aqueous phase liquids in heterogeneous subsurface
27 International Negotiations on Climate Change from the perspective of Burden and Benefit Sharing Principles: Focused on Concepts of Equity and Distributive Justice
28 Present Situation and Problems of Risk-communication about Echinococcosis
29 Construction of a Model for Formation of Trust between Food Industries and Consumers by Structural Equation Modeling
30 The Gap between the reality of daily activities at rural communities in Northeastern Thailand and the awareness of external activists
31 Food Education and Eating Patterns in Japan
32 Potential Evaluation of Wind Energy Use in China - A Focus on the Estimation of Actual Available Amount
33 Towards garbage separation between household wastes and business wastes in Bangkok
34 Innovative Know-how to Promote Green Purchasing in Public Operations
35 An evaluation of public housing next to welfare facility project:In view of local government
36 New flow of people, information and money for building the sustainable local society and the decision making