Notices for Internship Study

Supplementary Information Relating to the Internship Program                 


This section offers additional information on a number of important aspects relating to the internship program. All interns are requested to read this section carefully prior to commencing the internship program.


  1. Items required before commencing your internship

1) “Internship Program Implementation Guidelines” along with all the relevant forms, relating to the internship program

2) Hanko (personal seal)

3) Student ID card

4) Health insurance card (to be carried in areas outside the intern’s home prefecture). If the intern cannot carry the insurance card itself, the intern should carry a copy of the insurance card number.

5) Documentation showing that the intern has personal accident insurance and third-party liability insurance (see Section IV).

6) Any personal items needed if the host organization/institution requires relocation on the part of the intern.

7) Other miscellaneous items as instructed by the intern’s academic supervisor(s) and/or the host organization/institution.


  1. Points to be checked before your internship

1) Interns must have a good understanding of their place of internship and strive to acquire the basic knowledge and skills required for their internship study prior to commencing the internship.

2) Interns should make realistic activity plans prior to commencing the internship that are manageable and achievable within the time constraints of the program period.

3) Interns should be prepared to submit in advance any documentation such as a health certificate or proof of insurance cover, if requested to do so by the host organization/institution.


  1. Conduct during your internship

The internship program relies on the cooperation of members of GSGES and the host organization/institution for its smooth implementation. It also depends on the positive, constructive attitudes of its intern participants. Interns are asked to put the same kind of energy and enthusiasm into their internship as they put into other aspects of their coursework. Interns are asked to:


1) Abide always by the rules and regulations of the host organization/institution, and act in accordance with the instructions of the internship supervisor at the host organization/institution.

2) Strive to form good personal relationships with the internship supervisor at the host organization/institution as well as any other individuals working at or with the host organization/institution.

3) Behave in a respectful manner at all times. This includes daily interactions such as customary greetings.

4) Observe designated working hours and times of study. If the intern is late or absent owing to sickness or some other cause, he/she should notify the internship supervisor at the host organization/institution. If the intern must switch days of study, the intern should work with the internship supervisor at the host organization/institution to make the necessary schedule adjustments.

5) Exercise sufficient care and consideration when handling and storing any documents, materials, or goods belonging to the host organization/institution. Interns must take special care to ensure that all documents, materials, and goods are returned or left in good order at the end of the internship program.

6) Maintain close contact with the academic supervisor(s) and with the internship supervisor at the host organization/institution throughout the program. It is the intern’s duty to consult with his/her academic supervisor(s) and supervisor on any points that require clarification.

7) Submit reports as and when necessary, by any deadlines that are set.


  1. Response in the case of accident or trouble

In the case of accident or trouble, interns must contact the internship supervisor at the host organization/institution and the academic supervisor(s) to seek instruction and advice. All interns should take out insurance cover before starting their internships (see Section IV), and ensure that they submit all required documents to claim for it in the unfortunate case of accident or some other trouble covered by the terms of the insurance package.


  1. Points to be checked after the internship

Thanks should be offered to the internship supervisor at the host organization/institution and all other persons directly involved with the intern’s participation in the program upon completion of the internship program. Interns should inform all persons concerned of the completion of their internship, and ensure that they have returned all documents and properties that they have been using during the course of their internship. They should also clean up any workspaces they have used before leaving.


  1. Points for interns traveling abroad

1) Any intern whose program will be implemented at an overseas organization, or who has been instructed by his/her host organization/institution to participate in an overseas trip, is required to notify the GSGES administration office. Interns should submit a Notification of Overseas Travel Form (Form-16).

2) Interns should seek instruction from the academic supervisor(s) or the internship supervisor at the host organization/institution with regard to travel procedures, such as the acquisition of necessary visas, etc. before proceeding with any necessary procedures.

3) Interns should note that it is their responsibility to verify overseas safety information issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc, prior to making their trip. They should also take any necessary measures in the event of an accident, illness, etc., while overseas. Interns must submit Pledge (Form-15) concerning oversea travel to the GSGES administration office.

All interns working abroad must purchase overseas travel insurance prior to departure (see Section IV: Insurance coverage for overseas internship study)


  1. Applying for a commuter certificate

Many interns commute by train to the host organization/institution. Discount student rates are available for interns purchasing commuter passes, if interns apply through Kyoto University for a commuter pass for off-campus study 40 days prior to the day on which the pass is needed, by using the “Request for a Commuter Certificate Form” available from the GSGES web site or the GSGES administration office. Interns should note that it takes time for the university to arrange the pass with the corresponding railroad companies on a student’s behalf: for this reason, interns should ensure that their negotiations with the host organization/institution are completed at least 40 days prior to the day on which the pass is needed.


Note1: Interns should submit an updated application form if there is any change in the intern’s address, dates

at which the internship commences and finishes, commuting route, etc., during the internship period.

Note2: If the host organization/institution bears your travel expenses, you might not be able to apply for a commuter pass.

Note3: As an exceptional case, you might be able to obtain a student discount for commuter pass only by presenting your Student ID card to the transportation company. You should check it by yourself in advance before you proceed with this application.