Instruction on IT Services for GSGES Students

See Institute for Information Management and Communication for further information ( and KUINS gives you latest information about IT network on campus if you can read Japanese) .

1. The things required to do immediately after your enrollment

Setting validation password for students' accounts (ECS-ID)

Kyoto University issue ECS-ID to the students, building up All-university Authentication system, to utilize these informational environment.

Your ECS-ID and its activation key are printed in your ECS-ID notification sheet provided by GSGES. Your ECS-ID becomes available after 30 minutes to 1 hour you activate it in the following way.

  1. Access the student account management
  2.  Input your ECS-ID and its activation key, and enter a password you create twice.
  3. Check the box of "利用規則を順守します".
  4. Click "実行"

Activation is available on PC, Cellphone, or Smartphone.
about ECS-ID

Taking course for usage of your students' accounts (ECS-ID)

Coming soon

Taking e-learning Information security

In Kyoto University, under the supervision of the University Information Security Committee, every member is obliged to take e-Learning courses on Information security. All students should take tow courses; "Information System Regulations and Security" and "Princess Rinrin"
Information Security e-Learning

2. Educational Information Services

Kyoto University Mail for Student (KUMOI)

The email address will be provided to students of Kyoto University.

The message from the university is sent to this mail address. You should always check the mail sent to KUMOI by making it to the one to usually use this mail system, or setting the mail service that you are usually using to forward the mail sent to KUMOI.

Your new e-mail address is notified by accessing Kyoto University Student Account Management

about KUMOI

Academic affairs information service (KULASIS)

To access the KULASIS for checking the academic affairs information, time table, Syllabus, course support, office hour, and confirm your results.

Using the KULASIS School Affairs Information System

Kyoto University Library Network (kuline)

You can seek KU libraries Materials on the kuline seite.

The following actions are prohibited when you download e-journals or e-books

  • High-volume downloading and printing out on a systematic basis
  • Downloading, copying, saving, or printing out of materials for purposes other than individual research or education
  • Downloading or copying large amounts of data such as the entire issue of a journal
  • Activities such as data manipulation, reproduction, distribution or reselling of materials

more detailed

You need to set the proxy-server to your browser when you use e-journals.

Information Environment Manual for Students

Refer to the Information Environment Manual for Students for other services.

3. On Campus Network (KUINS)

Wi-Fi access

When you connect your PC with the Wi-Fi on KUINS, log-on the SSID eduroam, which is available around lecture rooms and some laboratories on the campus, including the Research Bldg. No.5, Research Bldg. No.3, and Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Historic Bldg.

Getting your ID for eduroam

Do not connect your PC with the information wall socket in your laboratory.

PCs from which the connection to the information wall sockets of the laboratory has been permitted is only PCs being administrated by the laboratory, except as the sockets are set as OPEN. Please ask the administrator of your laboratory whether sockets of your laboratory is OPEN or not.

In the case where the socket of your laboratory is set as OPEN and where you are appropriately administrating your PC, you can connect your PC with it by a PPTP access.
procedure of setting up the PPTP connection on your PC

4. Responsibility

When you use PCs and the information network of Kyoto University, you must keep the following rules at least;

  • Do NOT used them for any purpose other than education or research.
  • Do NOT send out information such as discriminatory, an infringement of the privacy or copyright right, or subject to punishment by law or civil liability.
  • Do NOT download nor distribute copyrighted data without permission.
  • Do NOT use someone else’s ID/Password.
  • Do NOT use P2P file transfer software.

Especially, please inspect your PC again whether the following P2P software is installed before you connect your PC with the network.