Aquatic Environmental Biology


Yoh YAMASHITA, Professor
Keita SUZUKI, Assistant Professor


We examine the ecology and ecological production systems of aquatic biological resources from various points of view. Particularly we investigate integrated coastal zone management based on the understanding of ecological
relationship between terrestrial and coastal areas
including productivity and biodiversity, which are strongly affected by human activities.

Topics of research

Mori-Sato-Umi Renkangaku

We elucidate the ecological links of forests, rivers, human and coastal ecosystems, and the impacts of human activities on coastal biological production systems. Methods for aquatic zone management to achieve future sustainable development for humans are identified based on the above concept.

Ecology and production of aquatic organisms

We study production systems of aquatic biological resources. A focus on energy flow from nutrition and primary production to macrobenthos and fishes, life history, survival, growth, movement and feeding of key species is emphasized. We also study functions of habitats in coastal areas such as river mouth, tidal flat, lagoon, seagrass and seaweed beds.

Management of aquatic biological resources

We examine management approaches that focus on resources produced under specific aquatic environments of local areas. We develop appropriate methods to manage resources, restore environments and enhance stocks by releasing
cultured organisms and sea ranching.