Environmental Biotechnology


Hideaki MIYASHITA, Professor
Tohru TSUCHIYA, Associate Professor
Ryoma KAMIKAWA, Assistant Professor


  Photosynthesis is the most important reaction that supplies huge chemical energy into the Earth’s ecosystem. Algae and phototrophic bacteria in aquatic environments as well as land plants in terrestrial environments carry out the reaction and play a key role as primary producers in each ecosystem.
We are interested in the biodiversity of phototrophic microorganisms, especially in the cyanobacteria and microalgae those are key phototrophs for forming and preserving aquatic ecosystems, and their photosynthetic mechanisms. Targeting to those organisms we work on broad range studies in their ecological distribution, biodiversity, genome, molecular mechanism of photosynthesis, evolution, genetic engineering and so on. Based on these studies, we also aim to develop an environmentally-friendly technologies for the production of low materials using those phototrophs.