Global Environmental Architecture

Keywords : Local Climate, Culture and Human Settlement, Environmental Design and Technology, Natural Disater, Disater Management,Environmentally-Sound Urban Space Design, Shelter, Cultural Heritage, Community, Regional Planning


Hirohide KOBAYASHI, Professor
Chiho OCHIAI, Associate Professor
Mari MIYAJI, Program-Specific Assistant Professor

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Global Environmental Architecture focuses on various aspects of Human Environment including human living, shelter, community and living environment. Through learning about sustainable environments from local culture and natural settings, aims to establish new social frameworks contribute to current global environmental issues.

Research Themes

■Interaction between local contexts and human settlement
The research explores “human life and its surrounding environments” by understanding local culture and natural settings. Leaning from urban and rural settings, seeks to understand the global environmental order, in all its forms, and human societal structures.

■Environmental design and planning rooted in local contexts
The research explores “the environmental architecture” based on the regional ecosystem and socio-cultural structure. The findings and experiences contribute to feed back achievements or implement practical applications for local societies.

Research Project

  • 2006-2007: A Field Study on Living Styles in the Typhoon Prone Area in Central Vietnam
  • 2008-present: A Field Study on Lives of People in an Aging and Depupulated Village in Ryujin-Village, Wakayama Prefecture
  • 2008-present: A Field Study on Local Potential against Natural Disasters in Costal Area of Tanabe-City, Wakayama Prefecture
  • 2008-present: A Field Study on Transition of Local Capacity to Cope with Natural Disasters in Shirakawa village, World Heritage site