Regional Planning

Keywords : Environmental management, Natural and social resource management, Regional planning, Land use/cover change, Regional analysis, Geographic information system, Remote sensing


Tsugihiro WATANABE, Professor
Izuru SAIZEN, Associate Professor
Narumasa TSUTSUMIDA, Assistant Professor

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Research topics

Our laboratory explores well-balanced regional developments among urban and rural areas through an appropriate evaluation and utilization of natural and social resources and tackles potential issues associated with implementation of regional planning by GIS/RS and field survey. Current topics are follows:


Monitoring of Regional Environments by GIS/RS

For the implementation of appropriate regional planning for managing environments, land use/cover is modelled by using GIS/RS

  • Monitoring of urban expansion (Indonesia)
  • Evaluation of resilience for climate changes (India, Philippines)
  • Spatial accuracy analysis of land cover classification
  • Spatial data mining of local statistical data

Exploring sustainable developments based on field work

Natural or social resource issues associated with the management of regional environments are explored by field work or questionnaire survey

  • Land use analysis and forest resource management (Vietnam)
  • Evaluation of social impacts of environmental conservation agriculture (Philippines)
  • Evaluation of effective use of open geo data for natural social resource management (Tsushima, Japan)




Urban monitoring in Jakarta Metropolitan area in Indonesia


Interview survey for ethnic minority in Vietnam