Resource Recycling Science

Keywords : Waste treatment, Waste management, Urban metabolism, Recycle of waste, Flue gas treatment, Persistent organic pollutants (POPs), Heavy metal, Environmental analysis using synchrotron radiation, Sewage sludge treatment, Environmental effect, Developing country


Masaki TAKAOKA, Professor
Kazuyuki OSHITA, Associate Professor
Takashi FUJIMORI, Assistant Professor

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To establish the sound material-cycle society, our laboratory is aiming at developing procedures to analyze, manage, design and control treatment and disposal systems for solid wastes, including recycling and resource recovery, by applying techniques based on disciplines of Transport Phenomena, Environmental Systems Engineering and Environmental Chemical Engineering. By performing fundamental and applied experiments in both laboratory and field scales and using computer analysis and simulation, we approach the following subjects;
1) Development of the technology about waste proper treatment, recycling and energy recovery.
2) Control of trace hazardous substances.
3) Evaluation and optimization of waste treatment and management systems.
Our laboratory also belongs to Department of Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, and is located at Katsura Campus. Technical Staff Kenji Shiota and students in Graduate School of Engineering are working together here.