Urban Infrastructure Engineering


Kunitomo SUGIURA, Professor
Eiji HARADA, Associate Professor
Tomohiro TANAKA, Assistant Professor


Practices to reduce environmental impact in addition to safety and security technologies are necessary to sustain sustainable human activities as a lifeline. It is important to develop “Holistic Engineering” integrating Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance technologies. In order to achieve such a task, the laboratory aims to develop green technologies in conjunction with existing advanced technologies to secure urban infrastructures in terms of disaster-free and long life.

Topics of Research

Transport and Energy Infrastructures

  • Application of High Performance Materials to Bridge Structures
  • NDE, Monitoring, Structural Integrity Evaluation and Life Prediction of Aging Steel Structures
  • Development of Floating SUPG

Water and Disaster Prevention Infrastructures

  • Development of Accurate and Universal Movable Bed Model
  • Multi Agent Model for Evacuation Planning
  • Development of Flood Risk/Largest-Class Flood Disaster Estimation Method