Landscape Ecology and Planning


Assistant Professor


Tel: 075-753-6099
E-mail: imanishi.junichi.6c@kyoto-u.ac.jp


1997 Bachelor of Agriculture(forest science), Kyoto University, Japan
1999 Master of Agriculture (forest science), Kyoto University, Japan
2001 Master of Landscape Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.
2004 Doctor of Agriculture (forest science), Kyoto University, Japan
From 2004 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University, Japan
(Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Japan)

Academic Associations

International Association of Landscape Ecology, International Society of Arboriculture, Japanese Association of Landscape Architecture, Japanese Association of Landscape Ecology, Japanese Society of Revegetation Technology, The Remote Sensing Society of Japan etc.

Selected Papers and Books

(1) Imanishi, J., Nakayama, A., Suzuki, Y., Imanishi, A., Ueda, N., Morimoto, Y. and Yoneda, M. 2010.
Nondestructive determination of leaf chlorophyll content in two flowering cherries using reflectance and absorptance spectra.
Landscape and Ecological Engineering 6(2), 219-234.
(2) Imanishi, J., Morimoto, Y., Imanishi, A., Sugimoto, K. and Isoda, K. 2007.
The independent detection of drought stress and leaf density using hyperspectral resolution data.
Landscape and Ecological Engineering 3(1), 55-65.
(3) Imanishi, J., Shimabayashi, Y. and Morimoto, Y. 2005.
A new analytical method for wildlife habitat conservation planning on a city scale using the classification of physiologically homogeneous areas.
Landscape and Ecological Engineering 1(2), 157-168.
(4) Imanishi, J., Sugimoto, K. and Morimoto, Y. 2004.
Detecting drought status and LAI of two Quercus species canopies using derivative spectra.
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(5) Imanishi, J., Nakau, M., Imanishi, J., Imanishi, A., Morimoto, Y., Watanabe, S., Watanabe, E., Baba, T., Kimura, M., Hirai, K., Ito, T., Chiba, W. 2010.
A new utilization of urban green spaces for managing spiritual health of people.
The 2nd International Conference of Urban Biodiversity and Design (URBIO2010), May 18-22. Nagoya, Japan.