Regional Planning


Associate Professor


Tel: 075-753-6369
E-mail: saizen*kais.kyoto-u.ac.jp (Replace * with @)


1988-91 Nishinomiya Municipal Nishinomiya Senior High School
1992-96 Bachelor of Agriculture, Kyoto Univ.
1996-98 Master of Agriculture, Kyoto Univ.
1998-01 Ph.D., Kyoto Univ.

Work Experience

2001-02 Supporting Staff for Priority Research, Japan Science and Technology Corporation
2002-10 Assistant Prof. Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto Univ.
2006-07 Visiting Scholar, Michigan State Univ.
2010- Associate Prof. Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto Univ.

Selected Papers

(1)Saizen.I: Distribution and density of livestock. In Batjargal Z., Fujita N., Yamamura N. (Eds.), Pastoralism and Ecosystem Network in Mongolia, ADMON, pp.286-305, 2012.
(2)Saizen, I: Changes in livestock species and their spatial distribution. In N. Yamamura, N. Fujita and A. Maekawa (Eds.), The Mongolian Ecosystem Network -Environmental Issues Under Climate and Social Changes. Springer, 215-232. 2012.
(3)Hyodo, F., J. Nishikawa, A. Kohzu, N. Fujita, I. Saizen, J. Tsogtbaatar, C. Javzan, M. Enkhtuya, D. Gantomor, N. Amartuvshin, R. Ishii, E. Wada: Variation in nitrogen isotopic composition in the Selenga river watershed, Mongolia. Limnology 13, 155-161, 2012.
(4)Tiburan C., I. Saizen, S. Kobayashi: Vulnerability Assessment of Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve to Climate Change Using a Geospatial-based Environmental Vulnerability Index. USM R&D Journal 19(2), 2011.
(5)Saizen, I., A. Maekawa, N. Yamamura, Spatial analysis of time-series changes in livestock distribution by detection of local spatial associations in Mongolia. Applied Geography 30, 639-649, 2010.
(6) Schultink, G., I. Saizen, L. Szymecko, The Economic Impact of Farmland loss: Implications of Low Density Urbanization and Urban Sprawl. The Michigan State Univ. Land Policy Institute Report, 1-26, 2007.
(7) Saizen.I, K. Mizuno, S. Kobayashi, Effects of land-use master plans in the metropolitan fringe of Japan, Landscape and Urban Planning, 78, 411-421, 2006.