Master’s Theses, 2017 (Course in Environmental Management)

List of Master’s Theses, 2017 School Year (Course in Environmental Management)

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No. Title
1 Study of the Implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction Curriculum in Secondary Schools in the Philippines and Myanmar.
2 Study on Disaster Risk Perception and Disaster Preparedness in Yangon, Myanmar
3 Estimation of the above ground biomass of Arundinaria alpina: Kenyan indigenous bamboo
4 Study of Influencing Factors on Safety of Inert Waste Landfills
5 Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China: Financial Challenges
6 Transformation of Built Capital of Transmigrant Communities in Indonesia: Case Studies in Central Sumatra
7 Policy Process of Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space in Jakarta: Formulation and Implementation
8 Application of stable isotopes for estimating vertical distribution of fungal hyphae in soil
9 Current status and issues of water resources management in rural areas of the Philippines – From the viewpoint of residents living in Carmen village located in upper stream of Laguna Lake basin southern Luzon –
10 Engagement and Behavior Change in Community-Based Municipal Solid Waste Management Initiatives in Vietnam
11 Variability Impact and Human-source Contribution on Multi-pathway Fecal Exposure Assessment: A Case Study in an Urban Slum of Bangladesh
12 Methods for Evaluating Leaching Behavior of Naturally-Contained Arsenic in Sediments
13 Consolidation characteristics of clay under various heating conditions
14  Role of non-timber forest products in sustaining livelihood of rural people in North-Central Namibia
15  The Potential of the Distinctive Dairy Management: Addressing Institutional Issues and Consumer Market
16  Consideration of tsunami design load for building by comparison between Japan and the U.S.
17  An Interplay between Structural Change and Power Relation in the Energy Transition in the Philippines
18  Assessment of racial microaggressions as a potential cause of land tenure conflicts between Indo-Fijian sugarcane farmers and iTaukei landowners in Ba Province,Fiji
19 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emission characteristics responding to light that emitted by Quercus serrata and influence on air quality
20  Applicability of image analysis for assessing composition of disaster waste and characterization of flood sediments
21  Biomass district heating in rural villages in Japan – Case study for Nishiawakura, Okayama Prefecture –
22  The importance of seascape structure on fish communities in the mangroves of Samoa
23  Diagnosis of urban atmosphere in Hanoi city, Vietnam-Observation of VOCs and analysis of pollutant sources-
24 Changes in Livelihood of Ethnic Minorities in Central Vietnam and Possible Measures for Future Development
25  The result of environmental conflicts of solar panels on the ground
26  Long-term acceptability of urine-diversion dry toilets: a case study in rural Malawi
27  Exploration for Dynamic State of Peroxy Radicals in the Atmosphere -Establishment of HO2 reactivity Measuring Method with Laser Spectroscopy-
28  A study of new possibility of the agriculture in Okinawa using recycled water