Master’s Theses, 2012
(Course in Environmental Management)

List of Master's Theses, 2012 School Year (Course in Environmental Management)

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No. Title
1 Research on the Spatial Structure and Attractiveness of Kyomachiya-Renovated Cafe
2 Effect of Rain Garden on Ecological Network Improvement and Inland Flood Reduction
3 Institutional Persistence Of Nuclear Power Policy in Japan -Perspective From Inertia of Institution
4 Analysis of Sugar Components in Each Botanical Species and Estimation of Bioethanol Potential in Reed Communities around Lake Biwa
5 Utilization of Social Capital to Reduce Disaster Risks in the Slums of Chennai, India
6 Field surveys of water use in residential sector and the structure analysis in Da Nang city, Vietnam
7 Community ownership and renewable energy -a case of Iida city in Nagano prefecture-
8 Analysis of the Policy Decision Process of Emissions Trading System under the Cap and Trade in Saitama Prefecture
9 A Study on Industrial Groundwater Consumption and Economic Development
10 Livelihood of villagers in the Sahel area "A case study based on the Hausa and Foulani people of Southern Niger"
11 The Use of Comprehensive Indicators in Local Government -Social Indicators, Happiness Indicators, and Sustainability Indicators-
12 Mapping mangrove changes using satellite imagery: Time-series analysis of mangrove changes in Mekong Delta
13 General condition of Livelihood and its changes in rural area in East Province, Cameroon.
14 Effect of Pre-ozonation on the Wastewater Reclamation by the Combination of Ozonation and Soil Aquifer Treatment
15 Relationships between Native Honeybees and Humans in Nepal and Tsushima -From the perspective of minor-subsistence-
16 A Characteristic and Problem of Civic Finance for Renewable Energy
17 Living Environment of a Dam Induced Resettlement Village in Vietnam -A case study on an ethnic minority in Aden village, Quang Nam province-
18 Actual conditions and challenges of Environmental education featuring Sea turtles
19 Improvement of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Industry after World War II
20 A positive analysis on the behavior disposing biodegradable waste of households ―A case study in Hanoi city, Vietnam―
21 A policy suggestion of “Popular-Participation-type Public-Private Fund”as a solution of the problem on raising Policy Resource
22 Decoupling Status of Final Energy Consumption from Economic Development in Japanese Prefectures
23 Study on Farmland Utilization in Chennai Metropolitan Area in India
24 Soil Tank Tests and Numerical Analysis for the Prediction of Solute Transport in Porous Media
25 The role of conservation medicine in Japanese wildlife management practices - A case study in Hokkaido
26 The Roles of International NGOs toward Post-Disaster Reconstruction Process of Tohoku Region -Disaster response of Habitat for Humanity Japan in Iwate and Miyagi Prefecture-
27 Assessing the Spatial Distribution of Neighborhood Parks in Urban Area of Kyoto City, Japan
28 Evaluating Removal and Inactivation Efficiency of Adenovirus during Soil Aquifer Treatment for Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment
29 A Pilot Program of Historic Urban Conservation in Armenian Street of George Town, Penang -Preservation of Identity of Place and Community-
30 The Realities and Challenges of the Green Growth Policies in Korea
31 Performance of immobilization materials against lead and arsenic contaminated soils
32 Assessing Response Behaviour of Debris-flow Affected Communities in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
33 Community Development Approach under Local Initiative to Support Vulnerable Households – A Case Study of “Micro-Credit” Run by Women’s Union, Central Vietnam
34 The relationship between bird community and structure of Satoyama landscape in Seya Highlands, Tango Peninsula
35 Study on Disaster Resilience in a village in Cambodia - A Case Study at Pong village, Ratanakiri Province -
36 Stakeholder’s perspective regarding the process of biodiversity valuation – a case study on the position of youth
37 Fundamental studies on in situ quality evaluation method for soil-bentonite cut-off wall