Master’s Theses, 2013
(Course in Environmental Management)

List of Master's Theses, 2013 School Year (Course in Environmental Management)

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No. Title
1  A Study on Economic Potential of Geothermal Heat Utilization using Input-Output Model
2  Development of Concentration Method for Adenovirus and Quantification of Its Removal and Inactivation Efficacies in Soil Aquifer Treatment
3  Measurement of peroxy radical concentration in the atmosphere using Chemical Amplification / Laser Induced Fluorescence technique
4  Sorption/desorption characteristics of bentonite applied to in-situ containment of waste incineration ash containing radioactive cesium
5  Environment and Mcrobenthic Assemblages in the Salt Marsh Created by the Great East Japan Earthquake
6  Study on sanitation improvement for a slum in Bangladesh by an exposure analysis of fecal indicator bacteria
7  Study on Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Da Nang, Vietnam and Examination of their Adsorption Characteristics on Soil
8  Organizational reform of local governments Environmental policy integration and response to financial problem
9  Experimental study on the self-sealing capability of soil-bentonite mixture cutoff wall
10  A Study on the sustainability of Fijian Wooden House Bure – A Case Study focusing oncommunal work in Cautata village -
11  Evaluation on the permeability and behavior of geosynthetic clay liner which are overlapped subjected to differential settlement
12  Utilization of plants in Nataleira village, the northeastern coast of Viti Levu island, Fiji
13  Investigation on Water Environment and Pollution Load Analysis in the Nhue-Day River Basin, Vietnam
14  Development a technique to measure OH reactivity of unidentified VOCs using GC-FID
15  The Practice and Challenges of Community-based Ecotourism in Fijian Villages
16  Changes in People’s Perceptions towards Landslide Risk Reduction Countermeasures in Yunlin, Taiwan
17  Forest resource utilization and management under Community Forestry in Eastern Bhutan: a case study in Khaling Gewog, Trashigang
18  A study on the social significance of architectural workshop -A case study on a workshop of rammed earth-
19  Livelihood of Villagers and Potential of Inland Water Resources in Mountainous Area of Central Vietnam “A case study on Cotu people”
20  Estimation of fine root dynamics in mangrove forest in Okinawa, Japan
21  Spreading Sustainable Coffee through Promotional Activities in Japan
22  Change of agricultural technologies and the background in Burkina Faso “Case of rural areas in Bam province, Central north region”
23  Democratic Energy Policy and the Possibility of Mini-publics
24  Community-based Forest Resource Management: A Comparative Study in Cambodia and Fiji
25  Exploring Possibilities for the Utilization of Indigenous Knowledge in Disaster Education in Gujarat, India
26  Revitalization strategies in rural Japan: a case study of Kamiseya, Kyoto prefecture
27  Identifying the challenges of transnational project management for an NGO: a case study of the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Yellow Sea Ecoregion Support Project
28  Leapfrogging in Energy Technologies: The Cases of Wind Power Development in China and India
29  Study on Application of Microfinance in Japan ~ Its Role in Safety Net and Independence Support~
30  Research on Dialogue Session for Making Visions of Communities ~A Case Study on Nuclear Power Plants Located areas ~
31  Co-management Approach of Mangroves to Secure Local Livelihoods in Kutch District of Gujarat, India
32  Effect of settlement policy and overgrazing problem in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region