Master’s Theses, 2019
(Course in Environmental Management)

List of Master's Theses, 2019 School Year (Course in Environmental Management)

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No. Title
1 Study on Post-Disaster Settlement and Housing Modifications Research - A case study of Hao-Cha community in Rinari settlement, Taiwan
2 Applications of Satellite-borne Remote Sensing for Monitoring Plantation Forests in Tropical Region: A Study of Southern Part of KPH Perhutani Jember, Java, Indonesia
3 Study on Main Pathways of Organic Matter and Nutrients Loads including Waste Disposal Site Leachate in an Urban Watershed in an Emerging Country in Southeast Asia
4 Ecological Characteristics of the Kyo-machiyaGarden Located in the Former Touen School District of Kyoto City as Small Green Spaces
5 Widespread Diffusion of Electric Buses in Japan : Analysis from the perspective of Transition Theory
6 Effect of the organic materials application on soil properties of the bananabased homegardens in northwestern Tanzania
7 Analysis of Regional Value-added Creation by Specific Transmission and Distribution System Operator and Conditions to Increase the Economic Efficiency of Regional Microgrids
8 The effects of drought to the utilization and transport of non-structural carbohydrates in hinoki cypress
9 A survey about owners’ intention in 4 residential area in Kyoto city
10 Functions and Transitions of Common Land Management by Local Organizations: A Case Study of Tourism Development and Scenic Conservation in Minamikomatsu, Otsu City, Japan
11 Evaluation of the Farmland at Rural Area in Northern Malawi
12 Countermeasures for alkaline leachate at coastal landfill sites
13 The historical transition of the concept of "Environment" in architectural terms -Through the chronological analysis of the Architectural Institute of Japan magazine Journal of Architecture and Building Science
14 Occurrence of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Water Environment in Okinawa and Application of Ion Exchange Resins in Drinking Water Treatment Processes
15 Identifying the characteristics of “Agricultural Heritage Systems Tourism”: The perspectives of hosts and guests
16 Effect of repeated drainage-imbibition cycles on the S-p relation of air-water and airLNAPL systems
17 Relationship between wild animals and citizens in Kyoto City Higashiyama-ku
18 Experimental studies on thermal response and thermal consolidation of soft clays 
19 Research on the life cycle of NPOs related to World Heritage ―Focusing on activities after World Heritage registration
20 Investigative Study on Behaviors of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Atmosphere to Water Environment in Da Nang, Vietnam
21 An Urban Heat Island Mitigation Based on Analyses of Green Space and Land Surface Temperature in Jakarta, Indonesia
22 Study on primary microplastics used as scrub materials in facial scrub products
23 The Planning Process of Climate Change Relocation: The Case of Vunidogoloa in Fiji 
24 A Study on Consumer Consciousness and Behavior to the Plastic Bag Ban in Kenya
25 Conservation efforts on Ivory Coast vernacular architecture in West Africa
26 Study of Temperature Effect on Different Colored Steel Bridges caused by Solar Radiation
27 Livelihood development among settled nomads after Nomad Sedentarization Project in rural China
-cases of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia in China
28 Consensus Building Process among Multi-stakeholders in Intercity Cooperation: The Case of Collaboration between Kitakyushu and Davao.
29 Private Public Partnerships in the flood insurance sector - Possibilities for a policy transfer from the United Kingdom to Germany
30 Study on stability assessment of a bridge structure subjected to flooding loads 
31 Evaluation of Sewage Sludges as a Potential Biodiesel Source 
32 Survey towards tourism waste reduction: tourists’ awareness, behavior and discharge status
33 Co-Incineration of Dewatered Sewage Sludge with Municipal Solid Waste in Bangkok, Thailand
34 Estimation about Cervus Nippon’s use frequency in Takaragaike-Park by sensor camera data 
35 Opinion Leaders’ Behavior on Sustainable Seafood Promotion through Blue Seafood Guide in Japan
36 Impervious Surface Area Expansion and Rural Out-Migration in a Typical Mountainous Rural Region, Southwest China: A Case Study of Liping County
37 Multi-Stakeholder Analysis of Fiji’s Climate Change Certification Program
38 Study on community response to post- cyclone disaster: a case study from three different communities in Fiji
39 Why the Plant Breeding Innovation System Causes Crop Genetic Erosion–A Case Study for Germany