Master’s Theses, 2003
(Course in Environmental Management)

List of Master's Theses, 2003 School Year
(Course in Environmental Management)

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No. Title
1 Drinking water usage in the mountaineous area of Tanzania - Toward sustainable development of Kibogwa Village, Morogoro District -
2 An Analysis on the Cost of Municipal Solid Waste Collection focusing on the difference of Collection Services and the Size of Municipalities
3 Study on characters and tasks of Japanese companies’ sustainability report
4 Study on Conservation and Succession of Village Landscape of Sasabuki, A case of Kamiseya area, Miyadu City, Kyoto Prefecture
5 An Analysis of Toxicity Assessment Methods for Chemicals Management
6 Environmental Education Policy in China - Case Studies of Education for Sustainable Development
7 Environmental Impact Analysis of Lunch Supply System Focusing on Food Container -A Case Study in Kyoto University Katsura Campus -
8 Case Study of Ecological Evaluation by Clouded Hynobiid Salamander Using HabitatEvaluation Procedures in Miki disaster-preparedness Park
9 An Environmental Economic Evaluation of CDM Projects:the Case of Coal-fired Power Plant in China
10 Study on Ancillary Benefits of CO2 Mitigation in China
11 Study on Disaster Education at High School - Role of Education of the Environment and Disaster Mitigation Course at the Maiko High School -
12 Subject and Directivity of Mutual Environmental Communication Between Corporation and Consumer
13 Environmental Changes and Dynamics of Livelihood in the population perspectives - Case study in the Activities of Combatting Desertification in the Tokabangou, the Sahel Region -
14 Relationships between dispersion of invasive alien species & changing of environment by human activities within river basin - a case study in Yura-river-
15 Challenging the Potential of Environmental Education Event: An Approach from Interest-Oriented Learning
16 Global Freshwater Governance - From the Global Public Policy Network Theoretical Perspective -
17 Cluster Analysis of Fish Community and Vegetation Community for Grasping the River Ecosystem on Basin Scale
18 Global Climate Change and Renewable Energy
19 A Study on the Management of an Ecological Sanitation Project in a Minority Hamlet of Vietnam
20 Study on Rehabilitation Support in the Rural Context after Gujarat Earthquake Focusing on the establishment and work of SETU (bridge)
21 Coupling of two-dimensional surface flow and Saturated-unsaturated subsurface flow models
22 On the feasibility of Bio-recycling system with special reference to the Rainbow Plan in Nagai City
23 Development of Mixed Windbreak Forest in Northe Part of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous
24 Environmental Strategy of Local Government - Case Study on Toyonaka City -
25 Web Design for Forming Envronmental Brand Image
26 Basic Idea and Case study of Use of Biomass
27 Rain Water Harvesting and Subject of Sustainable Community Building for Disaster Mitigation - The Process of ‘Rojison’ Rain Water Harvesting System Building and Subject of Sustainable Management for It
28 An Economic Analysis on the Privatization of Solid Waste Management in Malaysia
29 A Study on Environmental Management System for Concerning Communication Activities in an Office
30 Experimental Study of Natural Environmental Revegetation Method in Constructed Area -Case study in cut-slope of power plant in Tsuruga city-
31 Monitoring and Evaluation of the Water Pollution Caused by Environmental Phytoestrogens Based on Analytical and Bioassay Methods