Atmospheric Chemistry


Yoshizumi KAJII, Professor
Yosuke SAKAMOTO, Assistant Professor

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Welcome to Atmospheric Chemistry group.
We are focusing on air quality study in both urban and rural area. Clear positive trend of oxidant concentrations in both urban and rural area is one of our great concerned issues. Field observations of atmospheric composition are carried out to understand the chemistry that undergoes in the atmosphere. We are developing high tech instruments to measure trace level reactive species such as OH, HO2, and other VOCs using laser spectroscopy as well. Especially car exhaust and plant emission studied are currently extensive in our laboratory in Tsukuba (National Institute for Environmental Studies). We are seeking young students who has a motivation to contribute for atmospheric chemistry.

Topics of Research

*Mechanism of photochemical oxidant and mitigation strategy of oxidant in urban area
*Car exhaust analysis using chassis dynamometer
*Biogenic VOC analysis
*Methodology of diagnosis of air quality
*Development of radical measurement system using laser spectroscopy
*Field observation of air in mega cities in Asia