Environmental Marketing Management


Akira YOSHINO, Associate Professor


In Japanese agriculture and rural areas, their vitality is currently declining, including the aging and depopulation. In particular, this problem is serious in the mountainous area, which is a disadvantaged area. This is a major issue not only for Japanese land management but also for the conservation of the natural environment. In Japan, where 70% of the land is mountainous, rice terraces have spread throughout the country, and beautiful “Satoyama” managed by human hands and sustainable agriculture in harmony with nature have been maintained. But they are just now being lost.

In order to save such a situation, Japan has launched a direct payment policy that follows that of Switzerland. This system is very useful for maintaining Japanese farmer and rural areas. As an alternative, we are exploring marketing strategies to help farmers not only rely on these subsidies, but also to sustain themselves economically and independently and in harmony with nature. 

Topics of research

  • Agricultural brand management of rural area in Japan 
  • Marketing management of sustainable-agricultural products in Japan
  • Marketing analysis of Japanese consumers’ behavior related with sustainable-agricultural products