Regional Planning

Keywords : Environmental management, Regional resource management, Regional planning, Land use/cover change, Regional analysis, Geographic information system


Izuru SAIZEN, Professor
Satoshi ASANO, Assistant Professor
Minori TOKITO, Program-Specific Assistant Professor

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Research topics

The Laboratory of Regional Planning (LRP) has been conducting studies on well-balanced regional developments in urban–rural areas, which are based on appropriate evaluation and utilization of regional resources. “Regional Resource” is a significant keyword in research activities associated with the LRP, and encompasses the human, cultural, historical, and natural resources that have existed in a particular region for a long time. Members of the LRP have been intending to solve social problems through intensive field surveys complemented by GIS and remote sensing technologies to maximize the utilization of “Regional Resources”. In many cases, members of the LRP work with stakeholders (academically addressed as co-design and co-production); subsequently, they try to associate the results and findings of the study with responses of societal challenges. The current study topics are as follows:

  • Rural revitalization via a transdisciplinary approach (rural areas in Japan)
  • Land and regional resource management and regional resilience (Vietnam)
  • Rural studies for sustainable development (Indonesia, Philippines, India)
  • Regional identities and its impact on regional performance (Morocco)
  • Cultural landscape evaluation and sustainable development (India)
  • Spatial data mining of local statistical data for regional planning



Interview survey for ethnic minority in Vietnam

Regional resource management by working with local people (winter flooding paddy field)