Terrestrial Ecosystems Management


Shinya FUNAKAWA, Professor
Hitoshi SHINJO, Associate Professor
Makoto SHIBATA, Assistant Professor

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Our life heavily depends upon terrestrial ecosystems that include air, water, soils, plants and animals. We also influence the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems as one of the components. Recent increase of human activities adversely affects the ecosystems and environment either at local and global level, in the form of desertification, water and soil pollution and land degradation.

Our laboratory challenges broad range of the studies on terrestrial ecosystems management. The study topics cover soil characterization, fertility mechanisms and maintenance, utilization and conservation of soil resources, mechanism of soil degradation and its remediation, and reappraisal of indigenous agro-ecosystems management techniques in the humid and semi-arid tropics. We also study on holistic approaches for rural development and ecosystems management to enhance human welfare and security in Japan, Asia and Africa.

Major study topics

  • Evaluation of human influence on ecosystem processes
  • Sustainable management of respective terrestrial ecosystems in different regions
  • Countermeasure against desertification in Sahel region, West Africa
  • Holistic approach for rural development in different regions
  • Simultaneous achievement of subsistence human activities and environmental conservation