Chihiro TANAKA


Terrestrial Microbiology and Systematics




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1986     B.Sc. in Agriculture, Kyoto Pref. University
1988     M.Sc. in Agriculture, Kyoto University
1993     Ph.D. in Agriculture, Kyoto University


1994     Assistant Professor, Pesticide Research Institute, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University
1997     Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
2003     Associate Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
2012     Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
2020     Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies & Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Academic Organizations

The Mycological Society of Japan, Phytopathological Society of Japan, Pesticide Science Society of Japan, Fungal Molecular Biology Society of Japan, Genetics Society of America

Major publications

  • Izumitsu K, Yoshimi A, Hamada S, Morita A, Saitoh Y, Tanaka C. Dic2 and Dic3 loci confer osmotic adaptation and fungicidal sensitivity independent of the HOG pathway in Cochliobolus heterostrophus. Mycological Research 113:1208–1215 (2009).
  • Osawa N, Toft R, Tuno N, Kadowaki K, Fukiharu T, Buchanan PK, Tanaka C. The community structures of fungivorous insects on Amanita muscaria in New Zealand. New Zealand Entomologist 34:40–44 (2011).
  • Raut JK, Suzuki A, Fukiharu T, Shimizu K, Kawamoto S, Tanaka C. Coprinopsis neophlyctidospora sp. nov., a new ammonia fungus from boreal forests in Canada. Mycotaxon 115:227–238 (2011).
  • Morita A, Saitoh Y, Izumitsu K, Tanaka C. Teleomorph formation of Setosphaeria monoceras, a perfect state of Exserohilum monoceras, by Japanese isolates. Mycoscience 53:144–146 (2012).
  • Ota Y, Yamanaka T, Murata H, Neda H, Ohta A,  Kawai M, Yamada A, Konno M, Tanaka C. Phylogenetic relationship and species delimitation of matsutake and allied species based on multilocus phylogeny and haplotype analyses. Mycologia 104:1369–1380 (2012).
  • Hatoh K, Izumitsu K, Morita A, Shimizu K, Ohta A, Kawai M, Yamanaka T, Neda H, Ota Y, Tanaka C. Transformation of the mushroom species Hypsizigus marmoreus, Flammulina velutipes, and Grifola frondosa by an agrobacterium-mediated method using a universal transformation plasmid. Mycoscience 54:8–12 (2013).
  • Chen D, Masumoto H, Kitade Y, Izumitsu K, Tanaka C. Genetic analyses of reddish-brown polyoxin-resistant mutants of Bipolaris maydis. Mycoscience 59:236–246 (2018).

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