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  • Ph.D. (Sustainability Science) University of Tokyo, 2014
  • M.A (Global Environmental Studies) Sophia University, 2011
  • B.A. (Graphic Design) Monash University, Australia, 1999


  • Associate Professor, Kyoto University (Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies): 2021 to the present
  • Associate Professor, Tohoku University (Graduate School of Environmental Studies): 2017-2021
  • Assistant Professor, Clark University, USA (Graduate School of International Development, Community and Environment), 2014-2017

Research interests

  • Energy and sustainability transitions, governance and policy
  • Electric mobility (fuel cell electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles)
  • Phase-out of unsustainable technologies
  • Smart cities and urban sustainability 


Gregory has published more than 30 peer reviewed papers in journals such as Energy Policy, Energy Research and Social Science, Global Environmental Change, Journal of Cleaner Production, Environmental Science and Policy, and Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Here are some of the most recent and relevant. 

  • Trencher, G., Edianto, A.  (2021) “Drivers and Barriers to the Adoption of Fuel Cell Passenger Vehicles and Buses in Germany”. Energies, 14(4): 833.  **Open access**
  • Trencher, G., Rinscheid, A., Duygan, M., Truong, N., Asuka, J. (2020) “Revisiting carbon lock-in in energy systems: Explaining the perpetuation of coal power in Japan”. Energy Research and Social Science. 69, 101770. **Open access**
  • Trencher, G. (2020) “Accelerating the production and diffusion of fuel cell vehicles: Experiences from California”. Energy Reports 6: 2503-2519. **Open access**
  • Trencher, G. Taeihagh, A., Yarime, M. (2020) Overcoming Barriers to Developing and Diffusing Fuel-Cell Vehicles: Governance Strategies and Experiences in Japan. Energy Policy, 142. **Access**
  • Trencher, G. Downie, C. Asuka, J., Hasegawa, R. (2020) Divestment Trends in Japan’s International Coal Businesses. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. **Access**
  • Trencher, G., N. Healy, K. Hasegawa, Asuka, A. (2019) “Discursive resistance to phasing out coal-fired electricity: Narratives in Japan’s coal regime”. Energy Policy, 132, 782-796. **Access**
  • Trencher, G., J. Van der Heijden, J. (2019) “Contradictory but also complementary: National and local imaginaries in Japan and Fukushima around transitions to hydrogen and renewables” Energy Research & Social Science, 49, 209-218. **Access**
  • Trencher, G., Van der Heijden, J. (2019) “Instrument interactions and relationships in policy mixes: Achieving complementarity in building energy efficiency policies in New York, Sydney and Tokyo”. Energy Research & Social Science, 54, 34-45. **Access*
  • Trencher, G. (2019) “Towards the smart city 2.0: Empirical evidence of using smartness as a tool for tackling social challenges”. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 142, 117-128. **Access**
  • Trencher, G., Karvonen, A. (2019) “Stretching “smart”: advancing health and well-being through the smart city agenda”. Local Environment, 24, 610-627. **Access**

For a full list of publications, please refer to the following websites: