Special seminar “Environmental Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development” (11th, October, 2016)

On October 11th, 2016, the special seminar “Environmental Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development” between Kyoto University (KU) and Mahidol University (MU) was held at the Yoshida Campus. Main objective of this seminar is to discuss potential research and educational collaborations between MU and KU. This seminar utilized VCS (Video Conference System) to connect between MU at Salaya (Thailand) and KU at Yoshida (Japan) so that active discussions and opinion exchanges between KU side and MU side are expected and operation of this system can be checked before the start of Double Degree program.

In this seminar, first, Prof. Shigeo Fujii made a introductory remark. Prof. Dr. Trakarn Prapaspongsa introduced her research activity: Eco industry in MU. Then Prof. Shuhei Tanaka, Prof. Hidenori Harada and Prof. Yuji Suzuki made their research introduction in the field of Environmentally-friendly Industries for Sustainable Development. Next, The researchers of Prof. Dr. Suwanna Kitpati Boontanon group in MU explained their hot topics using by VCS system. Finally Prof. Kazuyuki Oshita made a presentation about the introduction of resource recycling science including sound materials society and waste treatment technology. In each presentation, question and comments were exchanged and future enhanced corroboration was expected.