Schedule of Master’s thesis

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It was corrected because there were some wrong information.
(Japanese ver. has not change.)

Schedule of Master’s thesis

 Please submit the necessary documents to the GSGES Administration Office according to the following instructions:


Forms of “Request for Examination of Thesis” and “List of Thesis”, Certificate of Tutorial for Research Integrity, Certificate of E-learning (the special lecture for Master’s thesis preparation)

 Submission Date/Time: December 2 (Wed) & December 3 (Thu), 2015. 9:00-17:00

Use the prescribed form (Obtain at the GSGES administration office or download from the GSGES web site). Form of “Certificate of Tutorial for Research Integrity” is only in Japanese.

Amendment for the list of thesis is not allowed after the submission. The list of thesis should be confirmed with your supervisor before the submission.

Send your name and the list of your master’s thesis to the GSGES administration office by email (

You must submit the certificate of E-learning if you haven’t attended the special lecture for Master’s thesis preparation which was held on Oct.23 and Nov.10.


Master’s thesis and the abstract

 Deadline: January 21 (Thu), 2016. by 17:00

Master’s thesis should be written either in Japanese or English.

The abstract must be prepared in both Japanese and English and be printed on an A4 size paper on both sides; Japanese on one side and English on the other side of paper. (use the prescribed format).

Submit one original and five copies of Master’s thesis. (An additional instruction will be given when there are four members of Dissertation Examination Committee).

Place the original Master’s thesis with the cover  abstract and each copy of Master’s thesis is recommended to be put into a flat file. Write your name on each files.

Master’s thesis may be printed on both sides of an A4 size paper. (The thesis that total number of pages is less than 30 should be printed on one side.) 

Write the title of Master’s thesis, submission date, name of the graduate school, the course and your name on the cover (use the prescribed format).

The guidelines for the thesis cover and the format of abstract can be obtained at the GSGES administration office. *

No Master’s thesis that is not prepared the required number of copies on the above-mentioned date will be accepted.

The prescribed formats can be downloaded from the GSGES web site (in a page of news for students).

※ No replacement will be permitted during January 21- February 2, 2016 (the peer review period).


Presentation of Master’s thesis

 Date: February 1 (Mon) and February 2 (Tue), 2016.

(The details of the schedule will be announced on Monday January 25, 2016.)

※Replacement of the thesis will be permitted during February 2 – February 22, by 17:00, only if the chief examiner indicates to replace. When submitting the replacement, place the original Master’s thesis with the abstract in an envelope.


Submission of the replacement of Master’s thesis (with the chief examiner’s indication only)                        

 Submission of the revised master’s thesis and the abstract via PDF file.

Deadline: February 22 (Mon), 2016. by 17:00

Confirm the abstract with your supervisor before the submission.

Make two separate PDF file. One is in Japanese, address the name of the file as [your name (in alphabet) J.pdf]. Another one is in English, indicate [your name (in alphabet) E.pdf].


Schedule of Master’s thesis

Guidelines for preparing abstract of master’s thesis

Request for Examination of Thesis 2015