To the first year master students:Procedure for the reimbursement of your internship expenses

As we mentioned in the document and described in the internship training orientation which was held on July 10, please read it carefully again.

※Please follow the rules.

(Regarding the funds other than from GSGES, please contact the respective office.

e.g. CoHHO, GSS etc.)

All reports must be prepared by each host, if you interned more than 2 host institutions/organizations.

Submit Form-13, receipts and evidential documents within a week after completion of the internship program. (If you missed this deadline, your expenses may not be paid.)

  1. Internship Travel Cost Report Form (Form-13) Academic supervisor’s signature/seal is required.

  Receipts and evidential documents must be numbered to correspond with the numbers on Form-13.

  1. Receipts and evidential documents

Internship program in Japan: receipts of public transportation expenses(ex. commuting pass), photocopy of commuting pass, receipts or a written contract  of accommodation and other related receipts.

Internship program in overseas: estimates and official receipts of passenger fare(※1), itinerary, flight stub tickets, receipts of vaccination & visa application, receipts or contract of accommodation, photocopy of passport (※2), etc.

※1: Official receipts are required to submit for the reimbursement of airfare (even in case of e-ticket).

※2: If you have lost flight stub tickets, please submit the photocopy of your passport page shown the emigration and immigration stamps.

*Only receipts with your personal name written are accepted.

*Do not mount receipts and evidential documents on a sheet.

*The amount of subsidy will be settled after the calculation of the expenses and the consideration are made. If you are planning to go overseas or remote areas for internship, please select the destination carefully because you may have to bear the expenses. Subsidy will not be provided when you receive financial supports by the host.                              

*Reimbursement of the following costs are not permitted; taxi, fuel, rental car, travel insurance, deposit & utility costs for lodging , translator, rental cell-phone, air tickets cancellation fee caused by personal reason, etc.

*If you do other activities not related to the internship program like go sight-seeing or job- hunting, your financial support will be revoked.

*For the reimbursement of your internship expenses, you must make a plan to complete your internship program by the end of February, 2016.

*Expenses will be paid into your bank account after you complete internship and submit necessary documents.

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