Open Seminar: 26th Feb, JASSO exchange student final presentation part 1

Dear English readers, please see latter part.


・日時 2月26日10:00から11:15まで
・場所 土木工学本館2階207会議室(吉田メインキャンパス北端)



Dear colleagues,

This is an announcement of an open seminar by the “Southeast Asian Studies
for Sustainable Humanosphere” project, 3 short-term exchange students,
who will finish his/her research at the Graduate School of Agriculture will
present their research findings. Anyone with interests is welcome to join.

Date: 26th February 10:00-11:15
Venue: Meeting room 207, Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering
Historic Bldg., Yoshida campus, Kyoto Univ.
(North edge of Yoshida main campus, bld.37 in the map

**Please find the the program from this link**.

Topics to be covered are as follows.===========================

Biological Response of CMT-93 induced by Betacarotene and Galohgor Nutraceutical
Identify fungal strains using molecular biology techniques(updating based on the
on-going experiment)

Effect of hydrogen peroxide treatment on structure of water-soluble chitosan Effect
of water-soluble chitosan on ultrastructural changes of Colletotrichum spp.‘s spore
isolated from anthracnose infected mango, chilli and banana (updating based on
the on-going experiment)