Sansai Newsletter No. 6 is now available online.

Sansai Newsletter No. 6 is now available online.


・The First International Symposium on the Formulation of the Cooperation Hub for Global Environmental Studies in the Indochina Region and the Sixth Inter-University Workshop on Education and Research Collaboration in the Indochina Region (Japanese with English summary)
Ayako Fujieda, Hirohide Kobayashi

・International workshop focuses ontraditional architecture and community(English)
Nguyen Ngoc Tung (Vice Dean, Faculty of Architecture, Hue University of Sciences, Hue University)

・Livelihood, Environment and Peace: Studying in Vietnam (Japanese with English summary)
Hidenori Harada

・JASSO short stay exchange student final resentations(English)
Gaku Masuda

・Kyoto University holds Junior Campus(Japanese with English summary)
Michiko Hasegawa (Researcher, Educational Unit for Studies on the Connectivity of Hills,Humans and Oceans)

・Kyodai festival success(Japanese with English summary)
Shizuka Hashimoto

・Internship and field survey report on issues affecting a slum in Bangladesh(Japanese with English summary)
Michiya Kodera

・Internship and field survey report on the Aluoi district, Vietnam(Japanese with English summary)
Ayako Namigishi

・Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans (CoHHO) educational program: internship field report(English)
Stephane Olivier Randrimanantso

Announcements (Japanese/English)