Sansai Newsletter No.7 is now available


GSGES welcomes US Congressional staff delegation
    Jane Singer (associate professor, GSGES)

Kyoto University hosts three-day CoHHO symposium on integrated ecosystem management 
 Michiko Hasegawa (researcher, CoHHO Educational Unit)

Kyoto University holds 14th South-East Asian Forum on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Vietnam
 Nguyen Ngoc Huy (technical staff, Institute for Social and Environmental Transition) and Ayako Fujieda (assistant professor, GSGES)

17th Kyoto University Global Environmental Forum
    Naoki Okada (associate professor, GSGES)

JASSO short-visit exchange students give final presentations
    Gaku Masuda (researcher, GSGES)

President visits Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Hanoi Field Campus
    Ayako Fujieda and Hidenori Harada (assistant professors, GSGES)

Vietnam-Japan Presidents’ Symposium brings six universities together in Hanoi to celebrate ‘friendship year’ 
    Ayako Fujieda and Hidenori Harada (assistant professors, GSGES)

Head of UN International Human Dimensions Programs visits Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
    Shizuka Hashimoto (associate professor, GSGES)

Master’s degree students share their research
    Yoshihiro Okumura (assistant professor, GSGES)

Three master’s students win award for best thesis presentation
    Shinya Funakawa (professor and curriculum coordinator, GSGES)

GSGES and Vietnamese team run special workshop
    Michiko Hasegawa (researcher, CoHHO Educational Unit) and Gaku Masuda (researcher, GSGES)

New mayor of Hue visits Kyoto
   Ayako Fujieda (assistant professor, GSGES)

GSGES’s Future Earth research program goes into full-scale operation
    Shizuka Hashimoto (associate professor, GSGES)

Kyoto University Global Environment Forum examines life, environment and peace – today’s Vietnamese society and Japan’s cooperation
    Kei Mizuno (associate professor, GSGES)

GSGES unveils latest book in Introduction to Global Environmental Studies series
     Akihisa Mori (associate professor, GSGES)

A farewell message from New Zealand 
    Andreas Neef (professor, Auckland University)

Academic award winners 2013
    Shizuka Hashimoto (associate professor, GSGES)