DIPCON/ARC-2014 Conference was held on 3rd and 4th September, 2014

The 1st DIPCON/ARC Conference (organized by the International Water Association (IWA) and the Japan Society of Water Environment (JSWE), co-organized by the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, the Graduate School of Engineering and CoHHO Unit) was held at Research Building No.3 at Kyoto University on 3rd and 4th September. DIPCON (Diffuse Pollution Conference) is the official international conference organized by the IWA Diffuse Pollution Specialist Group and DIPCON/ARC (Asian Regional Conference) is its first regional one.  The 1st DIPCON/ARC-2014, conducted at Kyoto University, attracted 78 participants from 11 countries, aiming at sharing information on diffuse pollution and forming human networks in Asian region.

The symposium started with a welcome address by Prof. Shigeo FUJII, Dean of Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, followed by an opening speech by Prof. Sung-Ryong Ha, Chair of Diffuse Pollution Specialist Group. Forty-one hybrid presentations (short oral presentation + poster display) in four sessions gave the latest research information on issues associated with agricultural and urban contamination of water, air, and soil resources that resulted from disseminated or non-point sources, activating big discussions. In the last part of the scientific sessions (a special session), five specialists on non-point sources from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Laos reported present conditions of diffuse pollution and its management in their countries and discussed about solutions for diffuse pollution problems. On the second day (4th September), participants had a study tour to Amagase Dam, Aqua Biwa museum, Erosion Control Works (Oranda Dam) and Lake Biwa to experience the geographic and socio-economic characteristics in the Lake Biwa-Yodo River Basin, and to understand the latest BMPs (Best Management Practices) in Japan. In the end of the conference, participants promised meeting at the 2nd DIPCON/ARC, which will be held in 2016 in Korea.


A presentation in morning session


Active discussions in front of a poster


Study tour to Amagase Dam, the dam for flood control, water supply and hydro power generation in Yodo river basin