Submission of “Auditing Request Form”(他研究科科目聴講願=Takenkyuka kamoku choko negai)

Submission date / time: October2 (Thu) & 3 (Fri) / 9:00-17:00
Submission to: GSGES Administration Office

* If you wish to take a course (courses) offered by other graduate schools at Kyoto University, please consult with your supervisor and obtain his/her approval.

* Students must submit an “Auditing Request Form”(他研究科科目聴講願) to the GSGES office on the above dates and time. The form is available at the GSGES office.

* For students who have enrolled in FY 2014, maximum 4 credits on courses offered by other graduate schools can be approved as a part of “Lectures in Environmental Management”.

* Other graduate schools may have different procedures for this matter, so please consult with their administrative staff.


他研究科科目聴講願 Auditing Request Form

【reference only】Auditing Request Form