//IMPORTANT//Study Abroad Insurance “Futai Kaigaku”

To All Students

Study Abroad Insurance “Futai Kaigaku

Starting June 1st , 2016, all Kyoto University students who go on overseas travels are required to take out Study Abroad Insurance “Futai Kaigaku” before leaving Japan.


1)Get a brochure at the GSGES office. Take out “Futai Kaigaku” individually.

2)Submit a copy of “Study Abroad Insurance Policy” and “Notification of Overseas Travel Form” to the GSGES office one week before the departure.


1)Students who join “Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai)” can join this insurance “Futai Kaigaku”. Although all students have joined “Gakkensai” at the time of enrollment, please confirm whether your Gakkensai insurance is expired or not. Especially, those who repeat a year should check the expiry date of insurance.

2)During the internship program, Gakkensai covers death benefit.

This “Futai Kaigaku” insurance is available for private trip such as sightseeing.

(※You can’t get the compensation from Gakkensai when you go abroad on a private trip.)