The 23rd KAIST-KU-NTU-NUS (KKNN) Symposium on Environmental Engineering was held. (on 3rd and 4th July, 2014)

The 23rd KAIST-KU-NTU-NUS (KKNN) Symposium on Environmental Engineering (co-organized by the Graduate School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, sponsored by the Kyoto University Foundation) was held at the Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall on 3rd and 4th July. The symposium aims to exchange the latest information on environmental engineering among four top universities in Asia; Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Kyoto University (KU), National Taiwan University (NTU), and National University of Singapore (NUS). The symposium has been held in either of the four universities, and in this year, Kyoto University conducted it with 74 participants including 7 to 11 from each overseas university. The symposium also intends to train young students by experiencing an international conference and forming human networks.

              The symposium started with an opening speech by Prof. Shigeo FUJII, Dean of the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, followed by a welcome address by Prof. Hidetoshi KOTERA, an executive vice-president. Twelve oral presentations in four sessions and 29 hybrid presentations (short oral presentation + poster display) in three sessions gave the latest research information on global warming, water and waste water treatment and waste management, activating big discussions. In the evening of the first day, the reception was held at a traditional Japanese restraint, Shogoin Gotenso, and participants enjoyed a Japanese hot pot cuisine, promoting mutual friendship. On the second day, scientific sessions were held in the morning, and then, participants had a technical tour at a night-soil treatment plant and Lake Biwa to understand the latest Japanese technology and management on environment.  In the end of the symposium, participants promised to meet again in Taiwan, where the next symposium will be held.

A group photo in KKNN symposium (morning on 3rd July)

Active discussions in front of a poster (afternoon on 3rd July)
Lake Biwa observation by cruising (evening on 4th July)