(Corrected)//Mar.22(noon)-Apr.6//Online Registration for Japanese Language Classes

To all international students,

If you wish to take Japanese language classes, you must complete the online registration in advance.

See the attached guidelines and the following URL for further details:

English: http://www.z.k.kyoto-u.ac.jp/introduction/education-center-for-japanese/japanese-language-classes/?locale=en

Registration period: From 12:00 March 22 (Wed.) to April 6 (Thurs.), 2017

Inquiry: Visit the office in the basement of the ‘Yoshida International House’ located in the Yoshida-South Campus.

Note: If you are research student (as of April 1 2017), you will be admitted to take “Japanese Language Classes in the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum” in case your supervisor judges it’s necessary . You must consult with your supervisor prior to registration by March 24. No credit will be approved for research students.

Course Descriptions of Japanese Language Classes

ID and Password for STEP1 of Online Registration

2017 First Semester (Spring) Timetables

Map of Yoshida International House B1F (Yoshida South Campus)