【important・request】final report of Internship in FY-2013

Students who have completed their Internship Program in the AY2013

We are going to bind up a final report of Internship in FY-2013. This
final report will be distributed to faculty members and students in the
GSGES and host institutions/organizations of internship.
Please prepare and submit the digest version of your internship report
according to the instructions for authors.

2013 Instructions for authors(E) Format(E)

※Submission deadline:  July 31,2014 (Thu)

      Secretary of internship Program Committee
	FUJIMORI Takashi, Assistant Professor
       Resource Recycling Science
Tel: 075-383-3339 ,  E-mail: fujimori.takashi.3e@kyoto-u.ac.jp

■Attached files

  You can see back numbers of internship study final reports in GSGES
library and the GSGES administration office.