SNL_No.8 (PDF)


GSGES throws party to welcome new students
  Izuru Saizen (associate professor, GSGES)
Vice-president of AIT visits Kyoto University
  Michiko Hasegawa (researcher, CoHHO Educational Unit)
Hannnari Kyoto Shimadai-juku considers moss and air pollution
  Akira Yoshino (associate professor, GSGES)
GSGES applauds students’ completion of EML program
  Gaku Masuda (researcher, GSGES)
AY2013 graduates hold thank-you party
  Michiko Hasegawa (researcher, CoHHO Educational Unit)
First Global Environmental Studies Konwakai fosters discussion
  Yoshihiro Okumura  (assistant professor, GSGES)
Second Global Environmental Studies Konwakai prompts debate
  Tomohiro Numata (assistant professor, GSGES)
Short-visit special auditing students outline study plans
  Gaku Masuda (researcher, GSGES)
GSGES Alumni Association celebrates 10th anniversary
  Hidenori Harada (assistant professor, GSGES, and secretary, GSGES Alumni Association)
Global Environmental Forum presents problems from a new perspective
  Shuichiro Shiotsuka (associate professor, GSGES)
KU sustainability fair brings together students, staff and citizens in month of activities
  Tracey Gannon (associate professor, GSGES)


GSGES holds international symposium in Can Tho, Vietnam
  Hirohide Kobayashi (associate professor, GSGES)