No. 30 Sansai News Letter

 SNL No.30(PDF) 1 March 2022


  1. The 37th Global Environmental Forum: The Paris Agreement on Climate Change and Energy Transitions in China and Japan
  2. The 38th Global Environmental Forum Presentation: "Interdisciplinary Development in Studies on Frogs, Snakes, and Turtles"
  3. Activity Report on Environmental Management Seminar B (under COVID-19 situation)
  4. Report on the Internship Program
  5. ELCAS Report: SDGs learned and deepened online with high school students
  6. The 39th Global Environmental Forum:  Green infrastructure and living landscape of Kyoto's waterscape
  7. The 40th Global Environmental Forum: Discussing the Nature of Grassroots International Cooperation - Examples from Africa and Pacific.
  8. Awards Given to GSGES Members