No. 22

 SNL_No.22 (PDF) 29 August 2018


  1. Contents

  2. 1.International Spring School 2018: Environmental Studies
  3. 2.Two workshops held to reexamine Indonesia’s half-century Transmigration Scheme
  4. 3.Implementation of agricultural studies by GSGES members using drones in Malawi: Joining “The first humanitarian drone testing corridor project arranged by the Government of Malawi and UNICEF”
  5. 4.Fifth Certificate Conferment Ceremony of the Educational Program for Studies on CoHHO
  6. 5.40th Shimadai-Juku "Groundwater of Kyoto"
  7. 6.Welcome Party 2018
  8. 7.Introduction of a Double Master’s Degree Program involving Mahidol University and Kyoto University
  9. 8.JSPS Core-to-Core Program launched for 2018-2019
  10. 9.Six-month special audit students gave study plan presentations
  11. 10.Global Environmental Forum: Social networking for the future of rural areas
  12. 11.Internship debriefings at GSGES
  13. 12.The 27th KAIST-KU-NTU-NUS (KKNN) Symposium on Environmental Engineering was held
  14. 13.Award received: Nishihara Cultural Foundation poster award at the IWA Japan-YWP Symposium
  15. 14.Excellent Presentation Award in at the 27th Symposium on Environmental Chemistry
  16. 15.“Taneya Agri-Culture”, designed by Prof. Kobayashi, was selected to receive an architectural award in 2018 by the AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan)